Peak OG

Step 1

Pry centre pin out with small screwdriver, be careful not to damage pink grommet we'll be using this later.

Step 2

Gently remove the pink grommet.

Step 3

Gently push down on the coil and remove it from metal case.

Step 4

Snip both wires as close to the ceramic base as you can and free the ceramic disk.

Text 5

Clean all the parts picture really well with isopropyl alcohol and qtips. Scrape the ceramic base clean with a razor.

Step 6

Put the wires through the 2 holes. Doesn't matter which hole/wire you use.

Step 7

Put the assembled coil into the jig and bend on wire 90° towards the center then 90° straight up. The other lead is bent 10° towards the center then straight up.

Step 8

Gently slide the metal case over the coil/jig making sure to align the wire that was bent 10° to the slot in the threaded section. The black plastic should be touching the bottom of the metal casing like shown in the picture.

Step 9

Pinch the wire in the slot and roll your pliers to apply pressure to the wire. You don't need a lot but enough to keep the coil in place. You want the wire to bend into the  slot . Do not apply any pressure to the other wire that you bent 90°.

Step 10

Cut the wire as close to the threads as you can.

Look down the hole and make sure the lead you bent 90° is touching nothing but the rubber grommet and ceramic. If you 

Look down the hole and make sure the lead you bent 90° is touching nothing but the rubber grommet and ceramic. If you tighten this lead your atomizer will not work. The only thing it should touch is the pink grommet and the gold pin.

Step 11

Put the pink grommet over the wire and cut it just below the top of the grommet.

Step 12

12: Put the gold pin in making sure the wire stays on the opposite side as the wire you put in the slot. The pin must be in contact with the wire.

Step 13

Gently remove the alignment jig, you might have to wiggle and twist it a little to get it out.

Step 14

Finished! Check that the coil is seated all the way down and give it a test run. You must wait for the coil to fully cool down before installing the insert or you will crack it 

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